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Get Clarity About What You Truly Want and Make it Happen

Create the next phase of your life with clarity, confidence, and meaning

Most People Waste Money and

Years of Their Lives Feeling Stuck

Weak Mindset

Their fears have them convinced the world will end if they make a change.

Lack of Direction

They’re waiting for the perfect time or perfect plan which doesn’t exist.

No Follow Through

They beat themselves up because they don’t follow through.

Live a Great Life Without

Killing Your Soul

Reclaim Your Aliveness and Flow

Do Work That Aligns with

Your Deeper Values

Experience Peace of Mind

Knowing You’re on Track

The 3 Step Process Tailored to Suit You

Step 1: Get Clarity

Get out of the kiddie pool and reveal what you truly want to do in this lifetime. What power is hiding behind your limiting patterns? You’ll draw this out in a safe, confidential process at your own pace.

Step 2: Create a Mission

Use this clarity to create missions designed to level up your profession, relationship, or life in general. These missions provide focus and direction so that you feel satisfied knowing you’re not spinning your wheels.

Step 3: Follow Through at Your Own Pace

This is where the rubber meets the road. Tripp will hold you accountable to “turn pro”, confront your fears, and take consistent action so that you feel more energized and aligned. Again, you’ll move at your own pace.

Coaching Everyone from

Entrepreneurs to Navy SEALs to

That Guy Up the Street from You

“I’ve had some of the most meaningful and inspiring conversations of my life with Tripp and appreciate the extraordinary support he’s given me. I love him.”

Brian Johnson

Philosopher + CEO of Heroic and Optimize (Philosopher Notes)

“If I look back on what I accomplished this year, the roles that I landed and the money I made was a direct impact of us working together. You getting me in the right state of mind to navigate this professional transition wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”

John Schoew

Senior Executive, Technology and Human Development

“After leaving the SEAL teams I was stuck. I had a hundred great ideas and a hundred different directions. If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, I would say, ‘Do it. Listen to what he says and do it. Trust the process.’”

Jeff Boss

Former Navy SEAL, Leadership Team Coach, Author

Eric Goodman Foundation Training

“I have reached out to Tripp a number of times with insecurities and absurdities since our initial conversation. I am ever impressed with his guidance and willingness to help people figure out a better way in life.”

Dr. Eric Goodman

Creator of Foundation Training, Best-Selling Author

“When I left the SEAL teams there were things that I left behind that I was not meant to be without. I can make bold decisions on things that I would not have done without having you in my corner.”

Eric Davis

Former Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor, Author of Raising Men and Habits of Heroes

Gerry Campbell

“I hired you again because I trust you, I knew you would not allow any bullshit. I specifically said, ‘Here’s where I want to go. Help me with my blind spots.’ Some of it was execution. Some of it was related to mindset. And as a result, my business is up and running. I’m now finally doing what I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.”

Gerry Campbell

CEO of Frequency Group, Inc. former CTO of Beachbody

Leverage Years of Expertise to Your Advantage

As host of The New Man, Tripp Lanier has spent thousands of hours talking with hundreds of experts, authors, and legends in the field of personal and spiritual growth.

His interviews and lessons have been downloaded millions of times by people all around the world.

Working with Tripp means you’ll bring that wisdom into every conversation.


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