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Group Coaching for Established Coaches Only


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I went from 0 to $350K-$400K for this year, and I could do this working a few days a week. I have way more time available now.

I like the no bullshit approach. Every time we get off the call I’m like, ‘That is valuable. That’s well worth the money spent.’ I can see that I’m producing a return on the investment. Even my wife, when I talk to her about renewing my coaching agreement she said, ‘Why are you talking to me about it? Just renew it! It’s a no brainer across the board.’ Eric Davis

Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor, Author of _Raising Men_

After leaving the SEAL teams I was stuck. I had a hundred great ideas and a hundred different directions. I couldn’t narrow down which one to go down. I wasn’t clear on my offering. I wasn’t clear on the specific problems I solved or the solutions that I brought. I wasn’t clear on how to grow a business. I didn’t have a process for doing that.

It was clear that folks had gotten results working with Tripp. And he isn’t cheap. Trusting Tripp was never an issue for me. I knew he was credible. I knew he was good at what he did.

If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, I would say, “Do it. Listen to what he says and do it. Trust the process.”

Jeff Boss

Former Navy SEAL, Leadership Team Coach, Author

Tripp’s fee scared me. His commitment challenged every fiber of my being. I’m proud to share I made the best investment of my life by hiring him as a coach.

The result? In 12 short, dynamic months, I went from a $150/hr bored therapist in a small town to an executive coach in Manhattan making great income coaching (and surfing!) with high impact clients. It’s a whole new world. Geoff Hanzlik

Performance Coach to Startups & Founders, NYC

Craig Revord

Transformative Performance Coach

This Group is For:

  • Established coaches, therapists, consultants, etc. who want to level up their business and quality of their work (because staying at this level for another 3 years is unacceptable)
  • Professionals who want to develop a strong, sustainable coaching practice rooted in their unique authority, strengths, and identity (because they don’t want to be just another coach struggling to stand out from the crowd)
  • Learn how to reliably create new clients in a way that aligns with your values (because douchey sales or marketing BS isn’t for you)


Basic Group Info

  • Starts September 2018 and runs through August 2019
  • Groups are small — no more than 5 coaches per group so that each coach gets plenty of attention/interaction
  • Group meetings are video calls — (3) times per month and (2) hours long each
  • Each meeting is facilitated/coached by Tripp Lanier

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