Build a Coaching Practice That Supports Your Ideal Lifestyle

Do the work you love to do.
Serve the people you love to serve.
Live the lifestyle you want to live.

Let’s Face It — Most Coaches Struggle

They’re Invisible

They follow the herd and get lost in the crowd.

They Lack Connection Skills

They don’t know how to connect with people who want to pay for their coaching.

It Never Seems to Be Enough

They chronically feel isolated and burned out.

What if it Doesn’t Need to Be This Hard?

Leverage your unique strengths to stand out from the crowd.

Learn to create your own opportunities so that you feel confident about your future.

Build structures to manage time, energy, and money so that you feel energized and spacious.

Develop the 3 Foundational Principles

For a Thriving Practice

Step 1: Reveal Your Unique Authority

Instead of following the herd, you’ll draw out what makes you unique. Your hidden experiences and wisdom are the doorway for you to make genuine connections and build trust with the people you relate to most.

Step 2: Create Your Own Opportunities

You’ll identify the specific, high value challenges you love to help people overcome. With this clarity, you’ll develop the skills to build a community who not only want your coaching but can pay for it, too.

Step 3: Maintain Balance

You’ll clarify the specifics of your ideal work and lifestyle. You’ll develop discipline for managing time, energy, and money effectively instead of hoping that life will magically get easier if you just make more money.

Leverage Tripp’s 17+ Years of

Coaching Business Experience

To Your Advantage

In 2005, Tripp sold his first company to become a professional coach. Since then, he’s done countless trainings and been coached by everyone from Phil Stutz to Rich Litvin.

But most importantly, he’s made a lot of mistakes. It’s from these real world experiences that we learn what really matters and what really works.

Tripp values a simple lifestyle. His coaching practice is designed so that he and his family can live from anywhere. He sees a handful of clients each week and has the spaciousness to surf, spend time with family, and travel.

“Tripp’s fee scared me. His commitment challenged every fiber of my being. I’m proud to share I made the best investment of my life by hiring him as a coach. The result? In 12 short, dynamic months, I went from a $150/hr bored therapist in a small town to an executive coach in Manhattan making great income coaching (and surfing!) with high impact clients. It’s a whole new world.”

Geo Hanzlik

Performance Coach to Startups & Founders, NYC

“Working together last year, I created three times more revenue than I ever have coaching. You had a Jedi master’s ability to help me see patterns in which I might sabotage myself. You held me accountable when things were challenging.

Stuart Motola

Men’s Relationship Coach

Eric Goodman Foundation Training

“Last year, I hired Tripp because despite good results in my coaching business, I felt very stressed, anxious and bored in my daily life. Week after week, I learned to reconnect with the freedom, the joy and the aliveness that I can find and create. As a result, while I get much more fun on my way to reach ambitious goals, I also can enjoy my life much more with the time I get by working less. Having him on my journey to be a better human being and coach is true a game changer. Hiring him again for an other year was a no brainer.”

Gianni Bergandi

Professional Coach

Eric Goodman Foundation Training

“I was stuck professionally and personally. I consumed a lot of podcasts and read a lot of books, but I struggled with clarity. You caught things that would have sailed past the average coach or therapist.

As a result of working with you, I am more courageous and more confident. I’ve amplified my voice in the public sphere as a thought leader and psychedelic-assisted therapy specialist. And in the first year of working with you, I made back your coaching fee back three times over.”

Dr. Steve Thayer, PhD

Clinical Psychologist & Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Specialist

“As a result of our coaching, I made some powerful changes like leaving my other job to find another that allowed me to travel more. I learned that the answers aren’t outside of me — they’re within me. I now do things based on what feels right to me versus what I think I ‘should’ be doing.”

Jon Mitchell, PA

Functional Medicine Medical Consultant

Eric Goodman Foundation Training

“The momentum, excitement, and fun of all that I’m creating is unbelievable. I take ownership of the moves but feel your coaching has helped me see and act out the possibilities that I’m not sure I would have otherwise.”

Craig Revord

Transformational Performance Coach

“I was stuck. Ramming my head against the wall, and it was getting bloody. The whole coaching process was a recalibration of power. Afterward my power felt healthy. Now I’m able to use that positive energy to help and serve others. I’m able to leverage my strength, my talent and my experience more in alignment with my purpose.”

Drew Hogan

Author, Hunting El Chapo
Transformational Coach. The Whole Warrior

It’s Not Just About the Money.

Align Your Practice with Your Deepest Values.

As host of The New Man, Tripp Lanier has spent thousands of hours talking with hundreds of experts, authors, and legends in the field of personal and spiritual growth.

His interviews and lessons have been downloaded millions of times by people all around the world.

Working with Tripp means you’ll bring that wisdom into every conversation.

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