The Authority Coaching and Mastermind Group with Tripp Lanier

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My concern early on was, “Can this group really help me level up my business?” And the answer was YES. I went from making about $4500 per month to making 12 grand per month consistently.

That support and trust factor helped me level up my whole life — financial, relationships, the whole spectrum. One thing I like a lot is when you (Tripp) come in and check in with where you are in your life. You’re facilitating but you’re also one of the group. I like to get behind the curtain of what you’ve got going on, too.

That camaraderie and that “I got your back” feeling is there throughout the entire year.

Seth Taylor -- Real Estate Investment, Denver

I was afraid I was going to pay money and spend time doing something that I could have gotten in a book off of Amazon for 2 bucks. I went from being a hater in this kind of thing to now believing “I always want to have some kind of self improvement activity happening.”

I feel like this group gave me the grit to really commit to going through the challenge of building my company. I didn’t want to give up.

Joining this group was really worth it. It was a good investment. And it was at a time when I needed some brotherhood as well.

Mike Kelly -- Founder, Member Vault

The group is for forward thinking guys who want to:

  • Make an impact and align their professions with their unique sense purpose
  • Make good money doing what they feel what they were put on this Earth to do
  • Create powerful relationships that support them to live a kickass life

**This group is for men who take action — no spectators please**

Basic Logistics:

  • Starts October 2017 and runs through September 2018 (we take the month of December off)
  • There are (3) video calls per month
  • Each video call is (2) hours long
  • Calls are on Thursday (morning or afternoons Eastern/US)
  • Groups are small — 6 men per group
  • Each meeting is facilitated by Tripp

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