“I never imagined I’d be laughing this hard and getting my ass kicked during a coaching session…”


It’s been seven months that I’ve been working with you on this stuff — a period of time that has been, far and away, the most transformative and meaningful period of my life.  I have started on and continued down a steady road to reclaiming a healthy body, have begun the process of transforming my relationship with my wife, have completely overhauled my confidence and the role I see for myself in this world, and have started (and continue to make serious progress on) my book.  And, as of today, I am nearing the dawn of a new era in my law firm where I only work on the type of cases that I enjoy, that energize me, and that get me excited to wake up in the morning and go into the office.

It is far too infrequently that I actually stop and think and realize just how much of this massive turnaround in my life you are responsible for.  Honestly man, I don’t know where I’d be without you right now.  Thank you so much for taking me on as a client, lending me your incredible knowledge, and continuing to work me through challenge after challenge I continue to face.  For the first time in my life I not only have a clear vision of the life I want to live but a taste of what that life actually is in my current life.  I look forward to talking about this a few years from now when I’m a special guest on The New Man Podcast, talking about my law practice, my book, and how I’m using the lessons I learned in my experience being coached to help my clients create the lives they deserve.

From the depths of my being, thanks Tripp.

Steve Benedetto, Arizona

“I had my doubts about working with a coach.  Would this be another dead end? Within a few minutes of speaking with Tripp I knew I made the right decision.”


Thank you for another great session this past Monday. I really feel that every step, recommendation, exercise that you have given me in this process has added to the next. At the same time, I am learning a lot from your way of coaching.There are very few people (especially coaches), who listen without telling me exactly what they think I should be doing and why certain things I am doing are the wrong way.

I think because of this, it has been easy a lot of times to just do “the right thing” – almost mindlessly. Anyways, although I am not coming to immediate answers, the last two months I have felt more comfortable in my own skin than I probably ever have (off and on the course).

M.J., Professional Touring Golfer

“I doubted I could afford to work 1 on 1 with him, but figured I only have one life. It was the best decision I’ve made in years.”


On the (nearly) 12-month anniversary of the start of our work together, I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how valuable it has been for me. When I came to you, I was a pessimistic, deeply scripted, and unhappy guy who lived for external validation. Outwardly, I was achieving, but inwardly I felt hollow and unfulfilled. As you would say, I was living small. I was out of touch with what I wanted. Instead, I was trying to manage the expectations of the people around me. I was addicted to safety and certainty.

Isn’t it funny how much things have changed? Today, my life is totally different. I feel more alive. I’m living bigger. I’m learning to see what I want out of life and what I value, and living in integrity with that. I’m more grounded in who I am and my value as a person. I’m no longer doing tricks in the hopes of being thrown a bone.

I feel like the new me is showing up more fully in every aspect of my life. My relationships, intimate and otherwise, are stronger and more open. Some of my friends and family say they barely recognize me. They say that they feel that they can trust me more, like I’m not trying to hide. I’m more motivated and passionate in my creative work. Instead of causing me stress and anxiety, my work is something that excites me. I’m more productive, and what I create is a more authentic expression of myself and of higher quality.

I owe a huge part of my growth to the work we’ve done over the past year. You’ve got a huge amount of wisdom and a killer intuition. I can think of a few ways in particular that you’ve helped me. First, you get the heart of problem quickly and frame it in a way that I can relate to easily. This helps me see my barriers and blind spots. Second, you give me a lot of guidance to help overcome these sticking points. Third, our relationship keeps me accountable. In my experience, real change takes commitment. You’re there to help me set goals, commit to them, and follow through. Finally, the relationship gives me a safe place to experiment with ideas and express feelings. It can be uncomfortable, but I feel completely free to express myself without censoring.

Our work together is a process and I’m still growing every day. But I feel that I’ve come so far already, and it gives me strength to keep going. I can’t wait to see what the next year of our work together brings!

Carl W., Toronto

“With Tripp’s help, I grew a third testicle (or perhaps just found the two God had given me) to deal with unnecessary dramas in my life…”

Before working with Tripp, I was at a dead end.  I felt confused and lost.  My passion, energy, and direction were gone.  I was stuck in a routine and couldn’t figure out how to break free.  This wasn’t the life I had planned or wanted and I finally realized I needed help.  I had been listening to Tripp’s podcasts and I liked his style, ideas, and approach. After weeks of procrastination and doubt, I contacted him.

I had my doubts about working with a coach.  Would this be another dead end?  Would he hold me accountable?  Would his advice be practical?

Within a few minutes of speaking with him I knew I made the right decision.  Tripp was easy to talk with and could cut through all my BS.  Our conversations were the highlight of my week. He helped get out of my own way and focus on what I truly wanted.  At every session he was fully present and provided practical goals, insights, and advice.    Each week he’d challenge me to face a fear and take action.  He helped me identify my purpose and helped me to take action to create the life I wanted.

My outlook on life has fundamentally changed since working with Tripp.  I have more clarity around the life I want to create.  I can recognize the fear and doubt that’s holding me back, work through it, and go for what I want.   I’ve regained my energy, passion, and direction.  With the tools he taught me I’m now in a much better place than I was a year ago.  With Tripp’s help I’m now back on track and ready to create an exciting and fulfilling life.

D.H., New Hampshire

“This is a time in my life when I’m going thru a pivotal transition, and have been in need of guidance, advice and wisdom. You’ve really come thru for me on all fronts and been an incredible teacher. I’m constantly humbled by your knowledge, sensitivity, charisma, humility and leadership. You’re great at what you do, Tripp.”

I had been searching for help to sort out frustrations with goals, follow through, and feeling like I’m constantly spinning my wheels when I found Tripp. Mainly I didn’t feel sure about where my life was going and what I really wanted. I was worried it would be a waste of time and money to hire a coach, especially one I hadn’t met personally since we worked together over the phone.But after the first call I knew it was what I needed. He really helped me learn to “check-in” with myself and figure out what was going on, and what I needed. Sometimes there would be big new insights and sometimes he’d just get me back on the track I already knew but wasn’t following on my own.

After even just a few weeks I can say my wife noticed a change & I felt more confident and calm. This was a huge boost to the beginning of a lifelong growth process. I’d definitely recommend working with him. The process of talking the same time each week develops a routine with momentum and it works.

Matt N., Minnesota

“Tripp Lanier is a freak. One of the main things I’ve admired about him is that in addition to his brilliance, creativity, and success, he is such an easy-going, down-to-earth, fun, funny regular guy you just enjoy being with.”

I was at point of deep dissatisfaction in my life. My marriage was flat and lacked connection, I was feeling dull and unfocused at work (in a job that I felt like I should have loved), and I was unable to get moving in a new creative pursuit I felt was the next phase of my life’s purpose. After many, many months of wallowing in this painful, frustrating, and draining place, I knew I had to do something about it. I had been listening to The New Man Podcast for a year or so, and was drawn to Tripp’s personality and his themes of clarity and action. I doubted I could afford to work 1 on 1 with him, but figured I only have one life, so I should at least inquire.

It was the best decision I’ve made in years. Tripp had no magic potion or spells, just simple questions that turned out to make all the difference. From the outset I felt at ease and comfortable talking with him. There’s no BS with Tripp; he’s a straight shooter who was fully attuned to me and didn’t come at me with psychobabble or new age mumbo jumbo. He helped me break through walls I didn’t know I was building for myself. In 5 weeks I accomplished goals I thought it would take a year to reach. That’s a fact. I’m on my way to abetter life, made of better moments. He gave me simple guidelines I can apply on my own, though I know he’s just a phone call or email away if I want to talk to him. Oh, and best of all he’s worth every penny.

M.L., New Jersey

“When it was too dark and scary, you lead me through things I couldn’t have done alone. When things have been great, you helped me celebrate and have a laugh.”

I’ve been where you are right now. I was sitting there looking at Tripp’s website trying to decide if a Life Coach was something that would help me. I read the testimonials. I listened to his podcasts and knew him to be a very amazingly insightful person. After all of that, I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone and make that first call.

One day, I finally made a critical decision. I no longer wanted to live an unfulfilled (and conflict-filled) life and I needed help to do that. So, I picked up the phone and called.

Since then, many people have asked me why anyone would need a Life Coach. “Why not just get a counselor?” they ask. As someone who has spent many hours on the counseling couch, I can sum it up very simply for you: Think of someone trying to teach you to play basketball. A counselor would tell you, “This game requires you to dribble. What would dribbling look like to you?” A life coach says, “You need to learn how to dribble. Here’s how.” And they tell you!

I know this may seem like an over-simplistic explanation, but believe it or not, some of us were never taught very basic tools for life. For example, I had never been told effective ways to set boundaries. Nor had I been told how to identify and eleviate conflict in my life. Tripp knew how to quickly identify my issues. He presented the tools and resources I needed.

Tripp has worked with me on many levels and taught me very important lessons on how to lead a life with purpose and meaning. I may not be perfect, but I am in a much better place today due to his guidance and knowledge.

Keith R., Missouri

“After even just a few weeks I can say my wife noticed a change & I felt more confident and calm.”

Before working with Tripp, I felt lost and confused and frustrated beyond belief. I didn’t know what I wanted and I was out of touch with my purpose. When I thought of hiring a coach, I thought ‘Can some guy who doesn’t even really know me actually help me? And more importantly, WILL HE EVEN CARE!?’ I thought the financial investment was a big risk and I would really be taking a chance.

Working with Tripp allowed me to gain the clarity I needed to go for the career that fused my passion and my financial concerns. He helped me realize where I had old scripts running in my life – even to the point that I realized I wasn’t even living my life for me! He helped me to reclaim the initiative to live my life for me and to own what I truly wanted. I felt like I could be my BEST SELF for the first time in my life – without needing the permission of anyone! And he has really helped me to develop a no B.S. relationship with myself, which has improved my relationship with my girlfriend, my friends, and the world at large.

I can really feel the full JOY of being ME and I get to have a life that really excites me! He helped me to find and live my purpose and has given me the tools toempower myself. I would most definitely recommend you ‘get on it’ when it comes to working with a solid, present guy like Tripp.

Nick N., Nashville

“Hey Tripp- I just wanted to thank you. I can honestly say that this is the best my life has ever been, and the clarity I am getting in our sessions has been so valuable to me.”

I was waking up tired. I was unfocused at work. But the worst: I increasingly felt trapped; trapped by indecision, confusion, and really just getting in my own head. I had been to traditional “councilors”; but I could tell I didn’t need someone to listen to me, I needed a kick in the ass. I needed someone to hear me, challenge me, and really get me out of my own way.

This is exactly what I got working with Tripp – he was very accommodating of both my work and payment schedule – but didn’t let either be an excuse for me lapsing back into my malaise. Working with Tripp, I was challenged to walk through the resistance I put in my own way, and get in touch with the stuff I found really exciting; stuff that I had lost, or maybe never knew about myself. Tripp didn’t let me get away with any excuses; and also challenged me not to get ahead of myself: no lying to myself, no posturing to myself. He encouraged me to get curious about my own feelings, and start to open up to them rather than censor my own experience.

Being totally honest, working with Tripp wasn’t a cakewalk – he doesn’t coddle.He’s challenging, he’s engaging, and he’s going to ask you to be the same. Since working with him, in only a few months, I already see changes in my life; a new level of focus at work, able to enjoy myself again, a new kind of curiosity with women. Really, I’m just not in my head as much as I was; I’m curious about new things in life. If your find yourself reading any of this, and feel a little tinge of fear thinking about making the plunge into working with Tripp, then do it — that’s the sign; that fear is pointing you in the right direction. Tripp helped teach me that.

B.L., Boulder

More testimonials are available upon request.

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